Mission: To collectively help Macintosh and Apple Mobile device users increase their proficiency and productivity at LBNL.

History: LBNL-MUG is sponsored by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Employee Activities Association (EAA). We have been incorporated since November 24, 1998.

Open Group Meetings: Our group sponsors regular (monthly) meetings with Apple’s engineers and representatives to the National Laboratories. Topics vary widely, and are often tied to new features available in Apple and third-party products, software, and operating systems. There is always time for Q&A.

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Mailing List: The LBNL-MUG Mailing List is an e-mail forum to exchange information and friendly help about hardware and software, applications, advice and security. Forum topics range from beginner to advanced, from multimedia and web page development to UNIX commands and system administrator issues. List subscription is open to members of the LBNL and UC Berkeley communities only, unless by special request.

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LBNL-MUG Group Leaders:

President, Chris Payne, Environmental Energy Technologies Division

Vice-President, Kenneth Goldberg, Materials Sciences Division


The LBNL Macintosh Users’ Group :: LBNL–MUG

LBNL-MUG Website. All Photos by Kenneth Goldberg.

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