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Please read the list Guidelines below before engaging in discussion. In addition, familiarize yourself with how the list operates, especially if you've never participated in an internet e-mail discussion group before.

Guidelines for participation

Acceptable posts:
Only PG rated discussion pertaining to the list topic is allowed.

List Monitor/Moderator:
Messages are NOT screened prior to posting. This list is monitored/moderated by LBNL-MUG. It is unlikely that each and every post is read by the moderators. Questions for moderators should be sent to Ken Goldberg and Chris Payne: KAGoldberg(-at-), CTPayne(-at-)

List Topic:
While we encourage occasional discussion on matters peripheral but still related to the topic, we must remind folks that this discussion forum is exclusively about the topic. If you're not sure your post relates to the topic, inquire with the list monitors Chris Payne and Ken Goldberg prior to posting or type "OFF:your subject heading" (without quotes) in the subject heading.

Assume Responsibility:
Since all list subscribers have the power to post directly to the list, this can make for an environment of open and timely discussion as well as an environment where irrelevant and unconstricted comments may accrue. The list monitor(s) will make their best attempt to keep the discussion on track. All list members are requested to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times. Please route disputes to private e-mail.

Please respect the monitor(s) necessary role to end discussion threads when they're deemed inappropriate. Uncooperative members may have their posting privileges and/or subscription privileges removed.

Message Receipts:
Please don't send any message receipts or automatic replies to the list. Otherwise, your message receipts and automatic replies will go out to the whole list. Please assume some responsibility in this regard.

Limit of Liability:
The list owners, monitors/moderators, operators or sponsors are in no way responsible for any direct or indirect damage as a result from involvement with this list.

Usage Rights:
Participants who post to this list grant rights to the list owner to include their posts in a searchable archive and grant permission to use the posts as part of a complete list archive. Participants may compile a personal archive of all posts made to this list, but are not permitted to distribute, publish or make available to others such archived information without the prior express written consent of LBNL-MUG.

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